The ‘Vampire Empire’ MMO Receives its 3.2 Update

If you’re a fan of strategy games and you like informing yourself about the Middle Ages, you’re not the only one. ‘Why not both?’ would ask the guys from R2Games while bringing the new MMO entitled ‘Vampire Empire’ to the gaming world. The title provides a large and exciting map where the players can have a lot of fun while exploring and getting involved in castle wars.

Vampire Empire is less than a year old, and it’s already creating plenty of frenzy among gamers. Many are hoping into the game and start competing with each other to see who’s better, and now you have yet another reason to join them!

The 3.2 update is here

The 3.2 update just arrived for the Vampire Empire game, and it makes the gaming experience even more exciting than before. We’re happy to present the changelog to you:

  1. Four sets of new Castle Skins, and they provide buffs on resources on construction, troop training, production, and technology research.
  2. Optimization made for the Newbie event King’s Road. There’s a big reward available: a piece of entire equipment available within the Black Market exchange. (Available for Server 5)
  3. Limited-time equipment and the materials for it can be obtained from the limited-time bosses in the wild.
  4. Smoother gameplay assured by other system optimization.

Vampire Emire allows the player to become an invincible Lord and even gain a very mighty castle. Your job is to strive your way for more military power, and at the same time you must defend yourself and your alliance. You’ll get to do a lot of fun stuff like upgrading buildings, killing monsters, making your alliance, training troops, researching technologies, gathering resources, and so on. If that’s not enough for you, you can always invite your friends over for a quick and tough competition.

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