The US Space Force Conducted a Missile Test Recently

The United States military force conducts missile tests on a rather regular basis, and they usually get no attention. In the end, they are only some tests, and many times they are ​not even that interesting.

However, a test launch conducted on the night of February 5th from Vandenberg Air Force Base located in California was not the ordinary deal. The launch, which packed a nuclear-able intercontinental ballistic missile known as the Minuteman III, was completed in the 30th Space Wing, which is now a part of the recently-created United States Space Force.

It was the first such trial from the United States Space Force and an indication that the Trump administration’s demands to create the Space Force are indeed carried out.

The US Space Force Conducted a Missile Test Recently

“This launch marks a very special moment in our nation’s history,” Col. Anthony Mastalir of the 30th Space Wing commander said in a statement. “Providing the range support needed to facilitate this launch showcases how the Space Force will continue to support and integrate into the joint fight to ensure national security for our country.”

The representatives carrying out the test mentioned the fact that the testing doesn’t have anything in common with any particular event or happenings taking place in the world at the moment, and that is was just a data-collecting test project. The unarmed missile flew about 4,200 miles out to the sea, ultimately descending near the Kwajalein Atoll, the KTBS stated.

The world is definitely not at a time where any of the globe’s ‘superpowers’ are on the edge of starting a war in space. Spy satellites and space probes can offer military forces on the ground a massive advantage when compared to their enemies’ tools. However, a massive and deadly space war is still completely out of reach for now.