The Twitter Web App Now Comes With New Interesting Features

Twitter’s web app is bringing a new accessibility feature to its users. The new addition is meant to improve the Twitter experience, improving the visualization of the contents for people with poor eyesight.

After the last update, the accessibility feature now includes an “increase color contrast” toggle button that, once turned on, enables the high contrast colors for UI elements. This brand new mode is a great addition as it makes it way easier for people with visual impairments to use Twitter.

All you need to do to turn on this feature is to go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Increase color contrast. This will deliver a higher contrast between the background and the color of the text.

Even more, Twitter is rolling out an update to enable the feature on the mobile app and web browsers as well. Just restart the app to get the Increase color contrast mode on Twitter.

User feedback has generally proven to be positive so far, but some people encountered some issues. Some users reported that clearing cookies in the browser disable the feature. This means that the Twitter team should turn on the feature by default so it wouldn’t need to be saved in cookies.

New GIF Customization Feature

GIFs are one of the most popular ways to communicate on the internet. Many users consider that GIFs add humor to their conversations. With this in mind, Twitter decided to improve the platform. The new feature lets users add text descriptions to the GIFs.

This way, GIFs can be contextualized, representing a good opportunity for people who tend to use GIFs to express their thoughts.

Twitter is in an ongoing competition with other social media platforms. These new additions suggest an effort to get the attention of young users. We’ll have to wait and see if the changes will help the platform achieve this goal.