“The Thing” Is No Longer a Mystery – Here Is What Researchers Managed to Find about the Ancient Dinosaur Fossil

The mystery of a recently discovered football-sized fossil from Antarctica has finally been solved. Researchers suggest that they have managed to identify the origins of this intriguing antique object. According to them, the fossil is a soft egg that became extinct during the dinosaur period.

Back in 2011, archeologists from the Chilean Antarctic Institute have discovered the fossil in a desolate part of the Antarctic Peninsula. This particular location has been known as the most sprouting environment for dinosaurs. When the fossil was discovered by David Rubilar-Rogers, none of the researchers could explain its origins. The confusion created made them refer to the fossil as “The Thing,” as a recollecting memory of the classic horror movie that was filmed in the same region.

What is even more intriguing about this story is the fact that no skeleton has been found in the region to support its origins. Therefore, the researchers have collected data regarding all of the known species in the region and compared their sizes to those of their eggs. In the end, the researchers discovered that the species of this egg is 20 feet long, being part of the mosasaur family, which is a giant ancient sea reptile. In addition to this, its remains have been found in the proximity of the researched area.

What is still unclear is the laying process of the eggs. Two possible methods have been identified: one of them suggests that the reptile left its eggs somewhere in the waters of a near shoreline, while the other suggests that the reptile squirmed its tail onto the shore and kept its body submerged to lay its eggs.

This recent discovery, all along with its explanation are truly impressive, casting light on any upcoming theories about the formation and evolution of dinosaurs. Up until now, it was commonly believed that dinosaur could only lay soft-shelled eggs.