The Sims 5: New Release Date News

While The Sims 4 is facing huge success, fans have all the reasons to eagerly wait for the fifth installment of the series to arrive. The Sims series is an insanely successful game series that unfolds everyday life-related activities. Besides the high level of enthusiasm and articles online regarding the fifth installment, we can take a look at the latest updates for The Sims 4 to convince ourselves how great this game series is: Cats and Dogs, Discover University, Get Together, and more.

When will The Sims 5 arrive?

This is a pretty difficult question. There’s no exact release date, but we can expect the game to be ready in 2021. This is now the best bet of the specialists. One huge hint that The Sims 5 is coming until 2021 is that the developers of the series always followed a 4 to 5-year pattern when it comes to releasing a new version of The Sims game. The Sims 4 makes a little exception: the game is six years old. This clearly suggests that the upcoming fifth version is under development and almost ready to launch to the market.

What platforms will The Sims 5 be available for?

The Sims 5 is expected to be pretty generous in this area, as well. The game will most likely be cross-platform and available for the usual platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Also, Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles are expected to land to the market this year, and obviously, we’ll see The Sims 5 running on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With all that saying, the clock is ticking and The Sims 5 is closer to launch with every hour. The excitement just flows into the air, and fans are free to make all kinds of speculations about what they can expect from the sequel of The Sims 4.