The Sims 4: New Update Brings Some Interesting Bugs

The Sims 4 has by now become a classic of the genre. However, an interesting bug has affected it in an unexpected manner. Visiting the toilet has become a lot more hazardous than it used to be. A lot of people on Reddit are reporting that their otherwise healthy sims are peeing actual fire. This peculiar disease appears to have befallen at least two Sims. One of the Reddit users who encountered this, iBooperdooper, demonstrates that peeing fire is most certainly dangerous, as the toilet can catch fire.

Users can rest assured that this is a bug, not a feature that they did not ask for. Maxis, the developer of Sims 4, has just released a new patch in anticipation of this week’s Eco Lifestyle expansion. Among other updates included in this week’s patch are firefighters. These will now be present in the Sims world so someone will be there to put out the fiery pee. As firefighters are a pretty big addition to the game, we can probably say that there are more important tasks for them than putting out the precious porcelain in people’s bathrooms.

As was reported in Rock Paper Shotgun, this update has not brought only one bug to The Sims 4. Some users have reported a much bigger problem than fiery pee: their save files have been corrupted and they have lost progress on their homes. Chris Livingston, a representative of PC Gamer, mentioned that he was not able to replicate the fiery piss feature. That is definitely a shame for poor Chris. We are sure that he was looking forward to it.

Nevertheless, a lot of proper features came together with these bugs. Ladders, M.A.C cosmetics, a repo person NPC and placements of windows and doors are only some of the many added features to the June 3 update.