The Sims 4 – How Developers Included Players in Making the Game Better

Players of The Sims 4 will get an amazing experience these days, with the Laundry Day Stuff Pack DLC. Developers asked them to get creative and come up with new themes and outfits for different characters from the game. Gamers all over came up with 92 different sets of new themes, with knitted clothes, which seemed to be very popular. Maxis then asked the players to vote for the top-15 picks out of these 92. Players were included in this process, and it surely made them happy.

This activity has taken a completely different turn with multiple modders starting to apply costumes on the characters that were outside these 15 choices. “Pixelunivairse” and “Pepperoni-Puffin” are the modders that started using these new ideas, and had everyone included.

But the thing with games like this is that there are many characters with different age groups in the community. This comes with a chance for the modders to try many alternatives. Jim Bob and Jemma, his wife, were drawn in these creative outfits, which were designed by modders, especially when it comes to the knitwear theme. All of these concepts are beyond what Maxis wanted in the first place.

There are also kids in the game, and it’s just amazing to see them dressed in colorful outfits, and modders took that into account, as well. 2020’s Laundry Day Stuff Pack has made gamers really excited. They have come up with design ideas for clothes for kids, and some matched the kids’ clothes with their parents.  Some players have followed Maxis’ instructions, and others have gone beyond those.

Either way, players felt included, and developers received amazing ideas for their game. Everyone is happy, and we actually got some amazing things out of this entire deal.