The Order Season 2: Are We Getting a Second Season This Year?

the order

In case you have not heard about this series, The Order, then you need to know that it is a horror one, which first made its appearance on Netflix on the 7th of March, 2019. The creator of the series is Dennis Heaton. The first season has been seen by 12 million people, and it got mostly positive reviews. The audience was happy, and fans started to wonder if the series will get a second season.

Is the series renewed? When is the release date?

Back in March 2019, the series got renewed for season two. The Order Season 2 will be released this year. We do not precisely know the release date right now, but we know it is happening somewhere around summer 2020. But it is probable that the release date will be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many Netflix productions were shut down after the situation got worse.

What about the cast of season 2?

These are the actors coming back for the second season of The Order: Jake Manley as Jack Morton, Sarah Gray as Alyssa Drake, Sam Tramell as Eric Clarke, Matt Frewer as Pete “Pops” Morton. There will also probably be new characters, as well.

Rumors about the plot of The Order Season 2

The story revolved around an undergrad named Jack Mortan, who is played by Jake Manley, who wants to revenge his mom’s death. He finds himself between wizards and werewolves, using dark magic. He is bound to find some dark secrets of his family, as well. He is stuck between the werewolves and the dark entertainers, and he tries to think things through. In the second season, we will probably see how he manages to live further between werewolves and dark magic.

We hope that The Order Season 2 will be at least as entertaining as the first season of the series.