The Oldest Content in Warframe is About to Be Revisited in The Deadlock Protocol

2020 is a great year for Warframe. The classic game as a lot of new stuff coming up, which, considering the sheer amount of features the game already has, can feel a bit too much for its fanbase. Nevertheless, Warframe continues to be one of the best free-to-play PC games, so there is no point in complaining about even more free stuff.

The next update coming up for Warframe is The Deadlock Protocol. The Deadlock Protocol is due to release sometime within the following two weeks. The exact date is probably going to be June 5. Warframe’s developers have recently updated us on the game and even mentioned some new information about Protea, the cool spinning and flipping frame that will be released together with The Deadlock Protocol.

The new update will also upgrade some of the oldest content available on Warframe. This will be done by revisiting the absolutely ancient Corpus Ship environments. For now, the corpus ships were last given a look at back in 2012 and they are known for being the very first environment tileset that Warframe had. These tilesets are used for the generation of new, random levels, something for which Warframe is well-known. Game developer Dave Kudirka said, in an interview with the Playstation blog, that their team has extremely high expectations for the revamping of the Corpus tileset. It will include new challenges, new enemies and the world-building is set to surprise both veteran players and newcomers to Warframe.

A short while ago, the game has received one of its most extensive updates in its history, despite an initial setback when the Warframe yearly convention was called off. More about the game can be found on Warframe’s official site. You can even watch the developer’s livestream regarding the new update on the Corpus quest.