The Office Season 10 Might Not Happen, Rumors Say

Fans of the most popular TV series so far might be a little bit disappointed with the latest news. Season 9 brought the show’s end, but it also created quite a fuzz about a possible renewal. We could imagine the fans’ excitement, mainly because a “The Office Reunion” has been in talks for some time.

As producers chose to remain silent, fans tried to catch the actors’ attention for any most likely updates or hints. Currently, Steve Carell and John Krasinski are two of the most prominent figures in Hollywood who are involved in many other projects, as well, so a renewal is probably impossible at the moment.

Krasinski, however, offered some hints about that rumored “The Office Reunion,” in his most recent interview. He said that such a thing could happen only in the form of a particular episode – meaning that fans won’t get any more a piece of The Office, but they still got the chance to receive some critical content.

The Office Season 10 could be off the cards for the producers

John Krasinski, who portrayed Jim Halpert in The Office, stated that he owes everything to the TV show, supporting him in his acting career and becoming a star.

“The Office gave me everything, and from the beginning to the end of my career, I will be known for the Office show. It was my first experience with Hollywood and the first creative family I ever had,” Krasinski detailed. He also said that the crew and cast from the TV show represent one of the most significant people in his life, and a reunion will mean a lot to him.

NBC, on the other hand, has always intended to release The Office Season 10, but somehow it didn’t cut. However, there have been issued a lot of speculations that the season will air somewhere in 2019 or 2020, but so far, we got nothing. HBO Max might stir some things and inspire NBC with its latest decision of bringing Friends on the screen again. We should keep our fingers crossed for news!