The Iron Oath: Upcoming Unique RPG

The first actually important E3 has come. The problem is that it is chaotic and the event itself is held online. What a pity.

Regardless of the state of this year’s E3, the game The Iron Oath, a turn-based tactical RPG that promises to deliver engaging campaigns and an open world that your anti-heroes can change over time, while they explore and murder their enemies. Well, killing sprees should help somehow.

Curious Panda Games, the game studio in charge of The Iron Oath, have promised a brand new trailer, together with a demo for the next week. A mistake we see way too often in trailers these days is that the developers add some over-the-top music, making the trailer feel short, unsatisfactory, and making your pay less attention to the gameplay itself. The gameplay for The Iron Oath, despite being overcome a little by the heavy music, looks pretty good. The premise of the game is that you take a team of misfits on mercenary missions, where you have huge fights in a hexagonal environment.

The idea of the game is to perform quests to build up your reputation. What sets the game apart, however, is that your actions, together with your failures and your successes change the world, but also your heroes. Your team can die in combat, but they also age as time progresses. Because of that, the game’s Steam description explains that the game includes new story-lines and missions, resulting in a unique gaming experience every time you play. This sounds like The Iron Oath is somewhat similar to Battle Brothers and to Wildermyth, which are both amazing games. For example, the trailer shows a moment where a character loses their “cowardly” trait after someone in their party sits down with them and has a heart-to-heart talk. Let’s hope that options such as this make the game feel more personal.