The iOS 13.2.2 Update for iPhone and iPad Has Bugs and Problems

As we all come to know Apple for so many years, their way of releasing updates is annoying. It always is a problem when a new update is released because it’s full of bugs. After that, a new update is coming to fix the old bugs, and others appear in the system. Let’s see what is happening with the 13.2.2 Update for Apple’s devices.

Update 13.2.2 for iOS and iPad

What the users are receiving with this new update is an improvement and fixes to the RAM. Also, memory management is working now much better. This improvement is useful because in the past there were some problems. When you were switching from one app to another, all the data from the first app was lost. Many users had reported this problem, especially when they were playing games like PUBG, in which they had to start from the beginning if they switch between apps. So now, everything is fixed, and you can enjoy your YouTube playlist without collapsing, or playing without beginning again.

However, the new update is not coming only with the right parts. iOS users will have to face another series of bugs with this new update. For example, one of the bugs is giving some hard times to users who are using Twitter. The users are reporting that when they scroll on Twitter, the news feed is jumping to the top of the page. If this bug isn’t annoying enough, another flaw is making the app to close while you want to take a screenshot.

Unfortunately, Apple has to solve those bugs with another update soon, because users are getting outraged. Many of the users are posting tweets about the 13.2.2 Update and its flaws. They are requesting some fixes as quickly as possible, and they are quite disappointed with the new update from Apple.