The International Space Station is Dealing with Dangerous Space Junk

Since the very moment we step out of the atmosphere, the Universe becomes a deadly realm if we don’t use the right gears. Besides the lack of oxygen and atmospheric pressure, and also the presence of cosmic radiation, there are also huge amounts of space junk ready to ruin astronauts’ plans.

NASA reports that the International Space Station has recently witnessed the random fury of space – the station was able to narrowly avoid a collision with space junk by using the thrusters of a cargo ship.

The ISS dodged space junk for the third time this year

The NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said:

“The @Space_Station has maneuvered 3 times in 2020 to avoid debris,”

He further added:

“In the last 2 weeks, there have been 3 high concern potential conjunctions. Debris is getting worse! Time for Congress to provide @CommerceGov with the $15 mil requested by @POTUS for the Office of Space Commerce.”

NASA says that the debris was expected to approach within a mile of the ISS on Tuesday at 6:21 p.m. ET. The station now safely continues its ambitious plans of running scientific experiments under zero gravity, and the crew consists of NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Russian astronauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner.

There’s no wonder why Bridenstine is so concerned about the space debris. NASA also says that the Low Earth orbit is a space junkyard. Millions of pieces of various materials are flying around – there are pieces of space craft, rockets, and also retired satellites.

There are currently 2,666 satellites orbiting the Earth, and SpaceX plans to launch thousands more for the near future. This can only mean that there’s plenty of potential for even more space junk to orbit our planet and jeopardize the functioning satellites.