The Huawei Mate 40 Range Will Be Showcased Soon

Huawei has been hard at work on the new Mate 40 models, and the devices will be showcased during an online event that will take place on October 22.

Pressures from the US have affected the company in a significant way, as the upcoming devices will be the last ones to feature Kirin chips, with the SoCs being developed in-house by the popular smartphone manufacturer. This is one of the consequences that surfaced after the US government banned companies from working with Huawei or Huawei’s partners.

Losing ground

The first loss came when Google was forced to bar Huawei from using Google services, which means that many Huawei devices lost the ability to access apps and services provided by the American company, including the Google Play Store and other apps that enhance the Android experience.

A new sanction announced in May blocked the shipping of semiconductors towards Huawei. Manufacturers of semiconductors who use methods and technologies develop in the US lost the ability to sell their goods to Huawei, with TSMC being one of the major players who canceled orders for the manufacturing of Huawei’s HighSilicone chipsets.

Impressive features

While the sanctions imposed by the US are quite high, Huawei has continued to remain an important player on the smartphone market, and the company became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world during Q2. According to some sources, the Kirin 1000 will be a great rival for the Snapdragon 865 Plus.

Huawei also plans to improve the camera array present on the devices, with some voices whispering that a 50MP sensor could make an appearance. While the option to use such a sensor instead of a 64MP one seems interesting, Huawei flagships have delivered awesome photos in the past, so the bar is quite high.

More information and rumors could surface in the following weeks.