The Horror Game ‘Carrion’ gets Free Demo on Steam

If you want a video game where you get to kill and eat humans, then Carrion is for you. Its developer Phobia Game Studio just released a half-hour demo, which is free to play via Steam. Therefore, you should consider getting your hands on the game until November 2 when it will be removed.

In Carrion you are in charge of a monster that escapes a research facility, and he has the horrendous task of eating as many humans as he can in order to gain mass and power. Getting humans into your belly will also make your skills to improve so that you’ll be able to explore more of the huge available map. You can even shift between certain skills.

Gameplay teaser from E3

Feel free to check out 20 minutes of brutal carnage from Carrion, released during E3 2019:

The game gives you that Alien movie series vibe, when a similar gruesome and peculiar creature was also spreading terror indoors among people.

In Carrion, the basic premise of video games is twisted: instead of the victim fighting for justice, you are in charge of the monster seeking bad deeds. So there’s no wonder why the game is described as a “reverse horror game” by its developer company.


The gameplay is unfolded in a scientific facility, where a bunch of scientists is holding your monster captured for further studying. Once your beast is unleashed, it means all Hell breaks loose for the poor scientists, who will have to face the dreadful fate of becoming the monster’s lunch.

Carrion will be released at some point in 2020, for the following platforms:  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. Tired of games where you have to fight against bad guys? In Carrion, it is YOU who will be the bad guy and with the dreadful mission of making evil prevail.