The Flu Vaccine Eased The Difficulty Of Facing the Virus

As many laboratories from all over the world are hard at work on the development of a vaccine for COVID-19, some have pointed out the fact that flu is still around despite the fact that a flu vaccine has been used for nearly eight decades. A viral photo that carries this message has been shared by a notorious rapper.

The official flu vaccine timeline offered by the CDC mentions that the first vaccines were manufactured in 1942, with commercial versions being licensed for civilian use after a few years.

Changing in time

After two years passed, researchers realized that the structure of the virus was different, and the vaccine lost is efficiency. A series of recurring mutations prevent the manufacturing of a vaccine that would work against every type of flu.

During each flu season, the new flu shot contains some of the most noticeable strains that have been observed during the previous season. While they might be a match with the ones present during the current season, this is not always the case. A flu vaccine will reduce the chance of becoming infected by up to 60% if the strains match.

Still effective

While the vaccine hasn’t been able to eradicate flu, it had played an important role in the reduction of global cases. The CDC argues that persons above the age of six months should receive a flu shot before the season starts, an approach that is encouraged by many health experts.

Other vaccines have been able to eradicate some diseases, with one example being polio. In the US, the number of polio cases fell at a fast rate since the vaccine was introduced in the 1960s, and there has been no transmission of poliovirus for a few decades.

Despite the appearance of new strains of flu, the flu vaccine remains a great tool for avoiding the infection In the long run.