The Dragon Prince Season 4: Expectations and Release Date

Being released only about two years ago, The Dragon Prince animated series has gathered some impressive notoriety considering that the show has a huge rating on IMDb: 8.4. The third season ended by leaving the fans with numerous questions about how the story will continue. But the good news is that Season 4 will arrive pretty soon.

There’s no precise date announced for when the upcoming season is coming for The Dragon Prince. But we know that usually, a new season of the animated show is released after a gap of about six months. This was the pattern for the first three seasons. But considering that the Season 4 is facing a noticeable delay caused most probably by the ongoing pandemic, we could expect the show to return to the big screens in a maximum of several months.

What’s next for Season 4?

We are free to make speculations, as we can’t know for sure what happens until the show actually starts. Therefore, we’re betting on tensions happening between humans and elves. We can expect of centuries of blood thirsty elves and humans turning into monsters. However, humans and elves could ally at some point for battling Viren’s dark magic forces.

For those who don’t know, Lord Viren is the former High Mage of Katolis and was the closest adviser for King Harrow. Viren later became a traitor to his kingdom. He is the father of Claudia and Soren, and a powerful dark mage who follows the orders of the Archmage Aaravos. Viren was assumed dead by his enemies at some point in the show, but he was resurrected by Claudia.

The Dragon Prince can be categorized as an adventure, humor, drama, and fantasy show. It premiered along with its pilot episode on Netflix in September 2019. The series was created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.