The Dragon Prince: Is Season 4 Coming in 2020?

Netflix has released some fantastic cartoon series over time. One of them, and the one we are going to talk about in this article, is The Dragon Prince, which has been on the platform since the 14th of September, 2018. It has been a delight for fans since day one. Three seasons later, we are preparing for a new one. So what surprises will the fourth season come with?

So when is the release date of the new season?

We have no official confirmation about the renewal of the series. We are waiting for an official statement, but fans already started to speculate. They believe that we will get the new season in May 2020. We are taking this with a pinch of salt.

What about the cast?

The main character is Callum, and he’s a 14-year-old boy. He is the first human ever to control primal magic. Rayla is an assassin, a 15-year-old one, who works with Callum. Ezran is the 10-year-old boy, the son of King Harrow. He can speak with animals.

What’s the show about?

We are presented with the war between humans and dragons. The Dragon King is killed, and his heir’s eggs are also destroyed. Humans get attacked. One of the eggs, however, hatch into the Dragon Prince Zym.

The story is quite an interesting one. The battle between the elements of magic and dark magic continues, and it gets deeper in time.

The show received positive ratings from both the audience and the critics. In season 4, we will get to see the continuation of this fight. The fact that the content is 3D makes the show even more exciting and unique.