The Division 2 Episode 3 Is Available — Prepare to Meet The Chameleon

Ubisoft recently announced that The Division 2 game would be available soon for its players. The game and the action are returning to New York City for the upcoming Warlords of New York expansion.

However, you can visit the tourist destination Coney Island faster, if you are a season pass holder. In the third episode, we will see the Brooklyn neighborhood for a new story and also for new, exciting gear.

The episode will be called Homecoming, and just like the other episodes on DLC, it is exclusive for pass holders. It comes with a new faction, with the Cleaners, and two primary missions, with two classified assignments. It also comes with two new weapons: the Honey Badger and an assault rifle, which changes its color with its surroundings, hence the name The Chameleon.

Meet ‘The Chameleon’ in the new The Division 2 Episode 3

This mission brings agents to Coney Island in order to rescue a scientist from the Black Tusk faction. That seems to be just a teeny tiny part of the complete return to New York for the Warlords expansion.

This will also show the beginning of the Year 2 content, and it will be sold as a standalone for $30. The agents are looking for Aaron Keener through Lower Manhattan. There is also a loot and power level grind. We are excited to see what the developers have prepared for us.

Ubisoft has stated on Twitter: “Join the Hunt on Coney Island #TheDivision2 Episode 3 is available now for Season Pass holders!” The new players just coming to the game will be able to get their hands on the latest content when it launches on the 3rd of March. We are sure we are going to spend a lot of time playing with the weapons – The Chameleon has an exciting design, and the idea is excellent!