The Detective with a Spin: Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

The well-known game studio, Frogwares, has finally announced the release of the next installment in its well-known Sherlock Holmes game series. It would appear that this particular installment is going to have quite a lot of differences when compared to the other games in the franchise. The main point of differentiation is the fact that the superstar detective protagonist, Sherlock Holmes, is not going to be a middle-aged Victorian age man, but rather a flamboyant 21-year-old. Another important detail is that the game is not going to take place in London, where most games, books, and other stories involving the classic character usually take place. This particular game is going to be located in the visually appealing Mediterranean region. It turns out that, in the end, some people remain quite lucky.

Just like the previous installments in this established Frogwares franchise, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is an affair driven mostly by the story, rather than by its exciting gameplay. Even so, do not go into the gameplay, explaining a peaceful, blood-free gaming experience. Sherlock Holmes can use some of the elements available in his environment in order to get rid of his enemies through non-violent means or without actually killing them. The game also has a wide array of weapons, but most of the gameplay involves listening around and looking at what is going on.

The most exciting element of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the fact that the protagonist is finally a young individual. The terms that Frogwares have used to describe their version of the all-star detective include “arrogant,” “cavalier,” and even “naïve.” All of these terms were used in a Frogwares press release. In an exclusive interview given to the gaming new website Gamespot, a representative of the game studio has said that their new protagonist is not a basic character.