The Big Announcement – Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Series S!

On Monday evening, a leak of Microsoft’s next-gen console generation happened. Various reports, along with a video, spotlight the company’s plans to launch the “Xbox Series X” along with a cheaper model, the Series S, by the end of the year.

Confirmed Information

Hours after the report was posted, Microsoft officially announced the system.

According to Microsoft, it is the “smallest Xbox ever” and will cost about $299 at launch.

Brad Sams, a longtime Microsoft-tracking reported, started the news on Monday with a screenshot of the apparent Xbox Series S design.

The system is painted white and is approximately half the size of the upcoming Series X.

However, Sams hasn’t provided an explanation or source of the image, but he reported the system’s existence while it was known only as code name Lockhart.

If the entire report checks out, the Series S will pack many of the features present on the Series X, including the “Velocity Architecture” for quicker game loading or improved graphical techniques like ray tracing.

The Series S would feature all of those next-gen advantages at a lower maximum power, designed for lower resolutions (like 1080p) or lower framerates to decrease the system’s price.

Specialists reported a peak rendering level of about four teraflops for the Series S, only a third of the Series X’s capacity and 4k resolution.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about the Series S apart from the fact that it would deliver “next-gen performance.”

Xbox Series X Pricing

The budget-minded Xbox Series S launch might pose a severe threat to the Series X, but we are sure that Microsoft calculated the risks.

Some reputable individuals claim that Series X will have a $499 launch price.

However, that remains to be seen.