The Best Games to Play During Halloween in 2020

The start of October signals the beginning of ‘spooky season’ every year, as people gear up for the arrival of Halloween at the end of the month, especially in the United States. This leads to many brands, companies and events using Halloween as a handy tool to bring out themed products for fans and customers, and gaming is no different. Every year, some of the most popular games in the world put out updates around Halloween to bring in those themes into their games, while there are quite a few spooky and scary games that are launched as well. It is also interesting to note how other related areas get in on this action. For example, casino providers and online casino studios have long seen Halloween-themed games as a big draw during this month, so there are a large number of spooky and Halloween-based slot games which are released during the run-up to Halloween every year, and 2020 is no different. Fans can get more on this site in terms of details about such games and various offers as well.

This year, Halloween is set to be quite different from years gone by, with physical gatherings being nearly impossible, and so it can be argued that such games and other online ways of celebrating Halloween will be even more in the spotlight in the next few days and weeks.

In-game events

Apex Legends

Not too much has been revealed about this year’s Halloween event in the game, but the 2019 Fight or Fright Collection Event could offer a rough idea of what to expect. There is likely to be a night version of a map, along with collectibles and cosmetics based on Halloween. Players who died during the event last year in the game respawned as undead versions of their characters with new abilities, and this could be a very popular addition to this year’s event as well.

The Long Dark

This game has been putting up a four-day Halloween event since 2017 in the game, titled 4 Days of Night. The game is transformed in multiple ways, from large snacks found outside houses to replenish health, to the terrifying wolf-demons who roam the map, while the map itself is also plunged into darkness for the duration of the event, providing a very scary environment for those four days of gaming.

Pokemon GO

The Halloween event in Pokemon GO has seen Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon become more prevalent and easier to catch during the event. This is a welcome boost, as these are both types which are hard to find during regular times. Additionally, Halloween-themed outfits, tasks and raids are all part of the event, while developer Niantic has announced that Giritana will be part of five-star raids as well.

Destiny 2

The game’s Festival of the Lost returns for the third year this October, and it is once again free for all players of the game. It will see a return of the randomly generated Haunted Forest, with a quest which will involve Spider. There is a large variety of armour and masks based on Halloween available for players to customize their look, while there are a number of rare prizes available in the event as well, including new rolls for the Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifles.


The annual Halloween Terror event has become a staple of Overwatch since the game released in 2016, and while details for the 2020 version have not yet been released, previous years have seen weekly challenges, Halloween-themed versions of maps, new creepy enemies and a number of Halloween-themed loot, skins and voice lines from characters.

These are just some of the most popular in-game events which take place during Halloween every year, and this is a great time for gaming fans, with multiple offers, events and in-game items to show off the Halloween spirit. Almost every genre of gaming will have some form of Halloween-theme going on, and so gamers of every type can look forward to some spooky and exciting times in the upcoming days and weeks, and there are also usually attractive offers and sales going on for new fans to jump onto the gaming bandwagon at this time as well.