Telegram 7.2.1 Update – Chatting To The Fullest

Keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones is critical, especially during times like these, when the ongoing worldwide pandemic limits the physical interaction we can get.

The most popular form of communication between people nowadays is instant messages. Various platforms can perform that task, including Telegram.

Telegram is one of the most famous such services, being surpassed by WhatsApp.

Though the two apps are similar in concept, they have individual features that make each of them stand out and be the choice of hundreds of millions (and even billions) of people.

Here are some of the features Telegram has:

  • You can pin various messages in chats.
  • You can view pinned messages in a dedicated page.
  • You get alerts when friends who share live locations are nearby.
  • Send several music tracks that work as a playlist
  • Check specialized statistics regarding the performance of particular posts in the channels you are in.
  • Edit photos at the tap of a button.

Current Version

The app reached version 7.2.1.

The latest version features various performance improvements that make the app more stable and overall reliable.

Telegram must run on millions of devices, so the developers have to be on high alert to fix every single error that manifests, as it can have unpredictable outcomes on particular devices.

The new update is available via official channels (Google Play). To install it, simply navigate to Telegram on the Google Play Store and tap the Update button. It’s that simple!

Try to avoid downloading Telegram updates from 3rd party sources, as they are unverified most of the times and you don’t want to risk using a malware-infested app to chat to people about personal information.