Tales of Arise Has Been Delayed

Tales of Arise, the latest appearance in the long line of JRPGs created by Bandai Namco, such as Symphonia, Berseria and Legendaria, has been announced to not come out in 2020. The game was initially announced last year, and has been in development ever since Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. That was the fantasy tale of two warring planets that was developed by the Japanese game studio and required a little more time to polish, so it has been postponed indefinitely. That is definitely bad news for fans of the series!

The latest installment in Tales of has been announced last year, during the last physical E3 event. The game mixes two high-fantasy worlds in conflict: Dahna and Rena. The trailer of the game featured a masked fellow pulling a sword out of the body of his girlfriend and an enormous flaming man that was probably up to no good. Jesus Christ, JRPGs are wild.

Tales of Arise was initially meant to pop out a little later this year, as it was announced by Yusuke Tomizawa, the producer of the series. This information was published on the Bandai Namco site. The producer explained that developers are still going hard at the game, but adapting the work to the ongoing pandemic is no easy job, so things have slowed down a little.

While COVID-19 has affected some parts of the game development process, the producers have done their best to adapt the situation and have put in place some remote development capabilities in their team, as explained by Toziwama in a recent interview. In spite of all the measures they have taken, more time will be needed by the developers to really get to the quality and gorgeous experience they envision for their fanbase. All in all, these factors have made the developers decide to delay the launch of Tales of Arise.