Tackle Smartphone Addiction With These Excellent Apps

Can we live without our smartphones? The answer is no. It’s just something we always do. We are addicted. But we need to keep in mind that we also need some time to ourselves. Smartphone addiction can actually cause stress. We are here to give you some app which will help you stay away from your phone.

Best Apps to Tackle Smartphone Addiction


This app is found in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It tracks the time you spend on a smartphone, which helps you in understanding the level of your phone addiction. There are four categories: boredom battler, rabbit hole wanderer, social sticky-mitt, and a busy bee. You can also set some goals: you can exclude apps, block notifications. The app will track your progress and will help you achieve your goals in time.

Thrive away

This app offers tools that will help you control your smartphone usage. There are two modes: thrive and Super Thrive. In the Thrive mode, you can block your calls, notifications, and texts, even apps. But there is an option to add valuable contacts to a VIP list – from these contacts, and you will still get calls and messages. In the Super Thrive mode, you won’t get access to the phone or to the apps until the mode ends at your set time.

Forest: Stay Focused

This one will help you in reducing the time you spend using your phone and fight smartphone addiction, and it will keep you focused on your work. You will need to create an account, and set a timer – then tap on Plant. This shows that you plant a seed in the forest. The time depends on what you have to do. After you set a timer, you get 10 seconds to cancel or change the timer. After the timer starts, you will see a tree growing.