Star Wars Upcoming Movies — Rumors and Other Information

Star Wars succeeded in creating a lot of memories through the years, and it seems that the journey is not going to end so soon. George Lucas’s fantastic plot from Stars Wars: A New Hope, for example, did more than capture a moment in time, but getting excited so many young people back in 1977.

Many of us still can describe without even overthinking, various scenes from the Star Wars franchise. Of course, opinions might vary, but the movies are going to write history again, and again, and so on, many years from now.

Even if Star Wars turned out as a massive “system” of non-ending storylines, fearless characters, and countless nights of watching them, it is still introduced as the most innovative and never-seen-before movie in all theaters worldwide.

We could say that Star Wars restarted America’s unprecedented origin story and freedom or death values utilizing the similes of SF.

Upcoming Star Wars Movies

Now, looking at what Star Wars had become, we could predict a thing or two, listen to the rumors, and expect to bring us a little bit more, once again, to what Lucas started in the beginning.

First, we’re going to meet the Star Wars: The Clone Wars in February. The movie was announced back in July 2018. It will be introduced as the sixth season of the animated series.

Then, we’ll have the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Show, which is in talks for a soon release, especially when it all started back in 2012 when Disney took over Lucasfilm. Disney+ chose once again a Star Wars touch when it picked Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk for a series journey to the character’s first experience during the fictile years of the revolt.

Finally, we got the Rian Johnson’s spinoff trilogy, which was most appreciated during his The Last Jedi journey. Lucasfilm allowed, however, further projects to be developed as a new Star Wars trilogy. The launch date or other details remain unknown.