Spotify Comes To Apple Watch With Siri Support


A new feature is being added for the Apple watch users, showing that the collaboration between the two companies is finally happening. Now, they can ask Siri to open Spotify and play music because of the upgrade that the Spotify team has added to its application. The command is effortless. You simply tell Siri: “Hey Siri, play music on Spotify.”

It is a small upgrade that was not expected to arrive very soon for the Apple Watch. The Apple company has allowed third-party music apps to play music on their devices through Siri for over one year. This was introduced to the launch of iOS 13 and watchOS 6, but ever since then, Spotify failed to make use of this possibility.

Apple Watch Received Spotify With Siri Support

Regularly, Siri plays by default the music by using the Apple Music application, being the easiest to reach by voice command. Therefore, adding the “on Spotify” precision might be a burden for the users. Android phones, for example, allow their users to set by default the preferred application to play the music when they demand this from Bixby.

In the past, Spotify has shown its disbelief in Apple’s policies and work. The company has stated that Apple is showing an anti-competitive behavior. However, today’s upgrade is showing that the companies are now collaborating, even though Apple could have worked more on the delivery of this feature because fans are sure that this is not the best upgrade Apple can provide.

In addition to the new facilities that the Apple watches have, they also support on-watch streaming using either WIFI or cellular data, as well as offline playback for third-party apps. Nonetheless, Spotify fans are more eager to experiment with the local playback that is harder to implements but more useful. In addition to this, users are interested more in applications such as HomePod support on Apple and CarPlay.