Sneak Peek at Another Clash of Clans Upcoming 2020 Troop

The fourth, and, we assume, the last sneak peek we are going to get of the Summer 2020 update for Clash of Clans shows us the Headhunter, a new Troop from the Dark Elixir that goes straight for heroes. The Headhunter is available at Town Hall 12 and it is a ranged ground Troop that can fling deadly cards at its enemies. The Headhunter performs additional damage against Heroes. In addition to quadruple damage to heroes, the Headhunter can inflict Poison Spell damage on her enemies, affecting both regular Troops and Heroes. The Headhunter can jump over walls, an action which enables her to target Heroes and other enemies instantly.

The Headhunter is a ground Troop that needs six housing speed. She can attack a maximum of three tiles at a time and targets both air and ground units. Below is a list of Headhunter’s stats at a few levels. She looks like she is going to be pretty good.

Level 1

  • DPS: 108
  • HP: 360
  • Training Cost: 100 DE
  • Training Time: 1 Min
  • Poison Effect: 40%/55% (movement speed/attack speed decrease)

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 180K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days
  • DPS: 120
  • HP: 400
  • Training Cost: 120 DE
  • Training Time: 1 Min
  • Poison Effect: 42%/60%

Level 3

  • Upgrade Cost: 240K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 16 Days
  • DPS: 132
  • HP: 440
  • Training Cost: 140 DE
  • Training Time: 1 Min
  • Poison Effect: 44%/65%

Besides its gameplay mechanic and the comprehensive attack strategy, Headhunter’s design is just as impressive. Supercell has definitely upgraded its design game with the new levels for Buildings and Troops.

This might really be the last sneak peek we get before the Summer 2020 update arrives to Clash of Clans this week. The update might be online as soon as Monday. This is most certainly not the biggest update the developers have implemented, but it is one of the best.