Sicentists Studied How To Create Utopia In Recent Research


Movies, paintings, literature, music, videogames are utopia’s manifestation in the world. Human imagination is fighting reality. And for some reason, we need it.

Utopia’s origin is morality. When humans were blessed with the gift of consciousness, they were also cursed with the feeling of guilt. Unlike animals, humans couldn’t do whatever they want anymore, and they became moral. Consciousness is the awareness of right and wrong. And what is this if not morality?

Humanity aspires to a different morality. And this is a never-ending utopia. Although some of us might agree on multiple reasons as of what being moral means, all of us can never fully agree with any of them. This is why we have countries and borders, different languages, different laws, different religions, and so on.

Why do we need utopia?

Utopia is our Garden of Eden. The miraculous space and time that doesn’t exist and that we’ve come from. And we need to recreate it. This is precisely what the utopia means: no-place. It is a word that originated in Greek that defines itself as something that doesn’t exist.

We yearn for the society or at least the community where people live in perfect harmony. Where economics, government, and justice share a unique ideology that favors the citizen. But you see… we are all citizens, and each of us has an idea of the ideal world. How can that perfect become one for all of us?

We aren’t alike, and nature didn’t make us alike. How can we think alike? The Garden of Eden was made for two, and even they didn’t agree on what is moral was. And that was a pretty important utopia since it ended up dividing the human history in two: before Christ and after Christ. It needed self-sacrifice to stop it from becoming a dystopia.

The religious utopia

Maybe that is why this religious utopia lasted for so long. Because it teaches us that utopia ends in dystopia, the same way love turns into hate. They can’t be divided. It takes self-sacrifice to maintain the balance. Ideological sacrifice, at least. We all have to give up something to protect the community we live in.

We don’t live in a black and white world. We live in an infinite grey world, and we need to embrace that. But this is a utopia, too. Humans will never accept that they can’t change the world. Some of them might, but never all. There is not a single thing on which 7.8 billion people can agree.
Utopias are dreams. We need dreams. But dreams should remain what they are.