Shakedown: Hawaii Appears on Steam and on Nintendo Wii

A year after the appearance of Shakedown: Hawaii on Epic Games Store, the sequel to Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii has now come to Steam. The game is known for its GTA-like sandbox style, with an almost comical gameplay. However, before coming to Steam, the developers over at Vblank Entertainment are taking a little detour towards some more unexpected ports.

The predecessor of Shakedown Hawaii had a rather NES-like style. It is a top-down parody of Grand Theft Auto and it is styled after some of the earlier entries in the series. The visuals are pleasing, retro console visuals. Just like Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii is completely filled with references, but, unlike in Retro City Rampage, this game has a lot of contemporary references, not just oldie callbacks. It is normal to see mentions of things like gamification, VR, streaming culture and the rampant hypercapitalism going around. All in all, I personally, would not call Shakedown: Hawaii a critique of modern society, but it is still a game with a good voice.

Whether you enjoy Shakedown: Hawaii or not is related to your preference for aggressive, inside-joke based gigs. On the other hand, your personal preference of Steam or Epic Games Store really should not matter. After more than a year on the Epic Games Store, the game is finally headed to Steam, but only after the game is, oddly enough, published in physical form.

Ports are normally something quite ordinary, but the fellows at Vblank Entertainment have a taste for the unconventional. For example, in the past, they brought Retro City Rampage to MS-DOS. This time, Shakedown: Hawaii is not going as far in the past as its predecessor did, but it still makes an odd appearance. Recently, Vblank have announced that Hawaii: Shakedown will make its appearance on Nintendo Wii on July 9, for some reason.