Shadow Fight 3 Tips And Tricks – How To Be Better!

Shadow Fight 3 is a very captivating RPG fighting game for mobile phones that features engaging narratives, exciting sword combat, and magical abilities. Becoming a pro player of Shadow Fight 3 needs hours of practice and careful maneuvering.

We are here to show you tips to get better at playing the game.

Learning Combos

Combo moves are the key to defeating opponents and winning fights in the game. You can use special activities with particular weapons and gear by unlocking the adequate ability cards for an item.

You may have to experiment a bit in Training after unlocking and equipping a new ability. Sometimes, the controls to trigger an unusual move aren’t necessarily straightforward and easy to understand.

Still, combos are the fastest way to get the upper leg in a fight and get extra rewards.

Timing The Attacks

If you want to trigger a combo move on an opponent in Shadow Fight 3, you’ll have to time your attacks precisely. That is easier said than done, particularly if an enemy combo is bombarding you. However, taking your time to strike right after an opponent’s move finishes will improve your chances of dealing the most damage. Pay attention to what your opponent is doing, and stay prepared to respond to whatever they choose to throw at you.

Be Unpredictable

Do you know how you are always trying to do what your opponent is going to do next? Well, that’s also what they are trying to do, so your safest bet is to mix a bit of chaos with your playstyle by mixing all sorts of attacks and changing paces frequently.