See with Your Eyes one of the Rarest Astronomical Phenomena: When?

See with Your Eyes one of the Rarest Astronomical Phenomena: When?

Pictures are commonly used to immortalize a moment of a lifetime, a moment that you wish to be stored somewhere in your memory. That is what Martin Rietze felt when he was almost at the top of the Hochfeiler mountain, at 11,500 foot-high, where the sky is the limit. This is why he desiced to take a picture of the scenery and little did he know about what astronomical wonder he managed to immortalize.

The South Tyrol Alps in Italy and the Universe

Located at the top of the world, Rietze captured the image of two extensively studied phenomena, the Noctilucent clouds and the NEOWISE comet. The later was discovered almost four years ago with the help of NASA’S NEOWISE space telescope. Since then, the astronomers named it C/2020 F3.

In addition to this, the Noticulcent clouds are a rare illusion phenomenon. They appear on the shy whenever astronomical light is present and it reflects from ground ice in the clouds. NASA declared that this comet is visible somewhere around the middle of the month. Additionally, it has an exact location of 10 degrees above the Northern horizon and the time must be before dawn. The perfect time to see the Noticulcent clouds is from mi-July onwards.

Save the date for an astrological wonder

NASA astronomers declared that the best time to admire the Noticulcent clouds will be on the 22nd of July. This is a once in a lifetime achievement because the comet needs 6,800 years to make one single lap around its orbit. Therefore, thousands of years will pass by until we get to see live the Noticulcent clouds.

What can you do?

Find the perfect spot and save the date. Even if you cannot immortalize the moment, you will surely assist to the image of a lifetime.