Scientists Found A Large Aquatic Dinosaur, the Spinosaurus

aquatic dinosaur

A new paper has underpinned that the giant T-Rex is not the terrifying huge dinosaur that we commonly believed. The research is showing that another giant aquatic dinosaur was, in fact, a naturally-born killer. This study has the potential to change the way we view dinosaurs today, ultimately.

The study was conducted by Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist from the University of Detroit Mercy, who decided to analyze the Kem Kem region and its impressive number of fossils. The area is located in the Moroccan Sahara, and the discovery they made relates to relics of the Spinosaurus.

According to their findings, Tyrannosaurus Rex is an animal of 15 meters in length, who used to live in the marine ecosystem. Even after they managed to assembly the skeleton, there were still many uncertainties about the lifestyle of the giant water-loving predator.

Meet Spinosaur, A Giant Aquatic Dinosaur

Five years have gone by, and another series of findings included an essential piece from the skeleton’s fossil. The researchers came across a fin-like tail, containing all the bones, which enabled them to analyze the potential of this part. The researchers have soon identified that the tail was used to create extensive lateral movement with the help of the enormous spines. The findings were published in the National Geographic journal.

Two years ago, Dr. Nizbar Ibrahim and its researchers’ team returned to the Kem Kem region to reassess the dig site. This week they have finally published the findings of the whole research campaign, concluding that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is an aquatic animal.

They motivated that its long tail was specially designed to help it hunting the prays in a river system that once used to be present in the region.  National Geographic has concluded that this research provides extensive information about the life and evolution of dinosaurs, particularly aquatic dinosaur species, changing scientists’ perspective on this matter.