Satisfactory: Finally Coming to Steam

Satisfactory is an upcoming video game, and it is incredibly innovating, taking its genre from a different perspective. It is a first-person factory building game, and it went into early access on the Epic Games Store back in March. The early access was highly successful, selling over 500,000 copies in the first three months. Nathalie Verwei, the designer of Coffee Stain Studios, responsible for the development of Satisfactory, praised the studio’s decision to launch exclusively on Epic Games Store in an interview back in October.  Verwei explained that the financial security offered by the Epic Games Store enables the developers to simply focus on producing the best game they can, instead of struggling to find funds and constantly making compromises. Verwei also declared that the complaints about the choice to partner with the Epic Games Studio come from a so-called loud minority.

In spite of the partnership with Epic Games Store, people were sure that Satisfactory would eventually be available on Steam. In February, Coffee Stain even confirmed this information. Earlier today, they have let us know that the release will occur on June 8. There is no going back from that this time. Apparently, this information was necessary because the studio tends to troll its fanbase quite a lot, and they want players to believe them this time.

Originally, the Steam Early Access release was supposed to occur on June 2, but Varlet has declared that that is impossible, as the game is simply not finished yet. A representative of Coffee Stain Studios has declared that people who have followed the studio on the Epic Games Store are aware that their release dates are more of a guideline for their fanbase. They have assured us that they try their hardest and, despite missing their dates quite often, they try to provide the best services they can.