Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: The Price Has Leaked

Samsung seems determined to wash off the past sins when it brought the Galaxy Fold to the tech market last year. Although it featured a new design, plenty of users were disappointed by the gadget in other areas such as durability. Samsung didn’t even try to hide the flaws one bit.

Therefore, the successor Galaxy Z Fold 2 model is coming fast, and we’ll get to see it in stores after its launch in September. COVID-19 shouldn’t pose a threat to the phone release, considering that the home country of Samsung, South Korea, has been dealing great with the ongoing pandemic.

£1,799 for the UK

We never expected Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be cheap, and the leaker Max Weinbach is the one bringing us the exact price. He spotted it on the official Samsung website. The man writes the following:

“Galaxy Z Fold 2 will cost £1,799.00 in the UK. Samsung’s pre-order page is already live. Confirms September 17th shipping date and September 18th release.”

Like any other high-end smartphone released in 2020, Galaxy Z Fold 2 will also step into the 5G hall of fame. The technology has slowly but surely become the new trend among portable and smart devices. 5G is far from being just a caprice – it’s a true necessity.

Powerful battery

The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone of Samsung will surely be worth those £1,799. The foldable device packs a powerful battery of 4,500 mAh, Fast charging 25W, and Fast wireless charging 11W. The gadget runs on Android 10 or One UI 2.5, and it has enough powerful hardware to run high-end gaming. The Snapdragon 865+ processor, the 12GB of RAM, and the 256GB of storage should be enough for either games, sophisticated apps, video editing, and other demanding tasks. There’s a triple camera setup mounted on the rear (wide camera of 12 MP, telephoto of 12 MP, and ultrawide of 12 MP) and two front cameras of 10 MP each.

The main display for Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a foldable dynamic AMOLED that measures 7.6 inches, while the cover display is a Super AMOLED of 6.23 inches. Let us know in a comment you think about the phone!