Russia Plans to Blow Up Dangerous Asteroids

Russia has its space agency called Roscosmos. The space agency will create a center for monitoring comets, asteroids, meteors that could hit Earth. The center must monitor, detect, gain information, and even blow the potentially dangerous asteroids in space. The center for the safety of the near-Earth area is named the Russian Center for Small Celestial Bodies.

The Russian Center for Protecting the Earth

The Russian Center for Small Celestial Bodies will detect, track, and even destroy the celestial bodies that could reach Earth. The center is not ready yet, but it will have the approval of the officials in the mid-2020.

The operation plan is to keep the center until 2030. Besides the idea of the center, Russia wants to build some telescopes to put them on the Moon. The scope is to keep track of the dangerous space objects. So if we link the two objectives, the center will have an essential role in this action.

However, the plan for destroying an asteroid is not that easy. A lot of research must be done for the proper way of doing it. The dangerous space rock can also be redirected, so every satellite, solar sails, and rocket engines will put in work. Unfortunately, not a lot of practical steps exist in this field. Everything is theoretical, and in the study, also, countermeasures should be known.

Asteroids Represent a Real Threat

Finally, even if we haven’t had a problem with dangerous asteroid threating Earth until now, this event is not excluded. Looking in the past, more than 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the planet, and the extinction of the dinosaur happened.

Asteroids are regularly flying near Earth, but it’s enough to have one object with one-kilometer diameter to hit the ground, and the catastrophe will be massive. So protection is needed at any time to ensure life on Earth.