Roku Vs. Amazon Fire TV – Which One Should You Get?

Video Streaming devices have never been as convenient as they are now. There are dozens of options to turn your regular tv into a media center. The streaming sticks plug into the designated HDMI port, and then it is good to play movies and music.

Roku and Amazon are some of the most popular manufacturers of video streamers. They achieved that status thanks to the devices’ low prices and high demand.

Amazon’s most known products are the Fire TV Stick with Alexa and Fire TV Stick 4K, which are extremely simple and convenient ways of streaming content to your TV. Fire TV is such a potent performer thanks to the fact that it’s backed by one of the top players in the video streaming realm.

Roku, on the other side, is registering increasing numbers of users across the world. They manufacturer plenty of sticks, but their most popular creation is the Roku Streaming Stick+.


Let’s face it. Both Roku and Amazon Fire TV are considered budget devices. The basic Fire TV Stick with Alexa costs $34.99, while the 4K version of Amazon costs $49.99, just like the Roku Streaming Stick+.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa can deliver up to 1080p HD resolution. The image quality is sharp, as we would expect from Amazon.

When it comes to audio quality, however, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the better choice since it supports Dolby Atmos, a feature that can’t be found on the Roku.


Both devices scored well to excellent consumer reviews.

The Amazon Fire TV is an obvious choice if you are a fan of Prime Video.

However, Roku has a sleeker, unbiased interface that convinced many users to stick to it. It’s a decent bang for your buck.

The choice is up to you!