Rock of Ages 3 Begins its Open Beta

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break has now begun to descend in a completely unstoppable manner. By this point, the descent of the game cannot be stopped even by the sturdiest cardboard cut-out. The latest boulder-pusher game, which has been developed by ACE Team, is going to break down Steam’s fortress on July 21st. If you happen to find yourself among those of us who cannot resist the urge to push a small rock down an incline, you do not even have to wait until July 21st. Rock of Ages 3 is going to be available for one week in an open beta starting this Tuesday, June 9th. It is going to be absolutely smashing.

The game was announced back in August ’19. This open beta, which is one week ahead of the release scheduled for the next month, is Ace Team’s third attempt in their run of reverse Sisyphus smash ‘em ups. Rock of Ages, which forces you to forever roll giant boulders down in some labyrinthine-like hillsides, is definitely an interesting game, as you face a lot of complex adversaries in the path of your boulder. To make things spicier, even your boulder differs! At times, you play as rocks, but you also get to break various objects like eggs, cheese wheels, and sheep katamari. The entire game is painted in a quirky Monthy Python-esque style, with cut-out gods and peculiar lordly folks all around.

In the third installment of The Rock of Ages,  players will be able to assemble their own haphazard downhill jams with a brand new level editor. This level editor will enable you to share the levels online and try out various players’ slopes. This new game will also contain a lot of modes, obstacles, and boulders, but its essence remains the same: smashing stuff with a boulder.