Roblox Update and Free Robux – Tips and Tricks


All players who appreciate a lot the gaming world know about Roblox. The hugely successful multiplayer online game that lets users develop and play their games is now a worldwide success. Roblox already has thousands of games covering approximately every category possible. Imagine racing, simulations, or adventure games in a single place. Users can enjoy Roblox on PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

New Roblox update might offer free Robux

A Roblox update usually means extra features and bug fixes. Users who play Roblox a lot, know how significant those updates can be. Recently, a Twitter explosion of news that the game is shutting down scare most of the users.

But, the piece of information was dismissed by the company. Lately, users started to fight with another dilemma. Will the latest Roblox update introduce free Robux? Possibly, some rumors say.

Well, as confusing and annoying as it might be, it is better to wait for official announcements. But, until then, why don’t you try other ways to receive free Robux? Here are some methods you might find useful!

How to get free Robux in Roblox

Start Earning Rewards

Try joining the InboxDollars to complete missions and get gifts cards or money to purchase stuff like Robux. The gift cards can also be utilized to shop on eBay, Amazon, and Steam. Bloxmate is another app you might want to give it a try. It allows you to earn rewards that you can convert to Robux via your Builders Club member’s account in Roblox.

Take Surveys

There are lots of websites, such as LifePoints and SurveyJunkie, that offer surveys. You answer as many inquiries you want and receive points that you can later use to but Robux.

Spin the Wheel

Spinning the wheel won’t get you a lot of things, but you can be sure of one thing – free Robux. You can spin for as many times as you want and receive unlimited chances of winning some Robux in Roblox.