Resident Evil Will Have a TV Series on Netflix

The famous game created by Capcom games, Resident Evil, will have a TV show in premiere on Netflix. The series is in work already, and we could see it on the streaming video platform soon enough. The TV show is based on the video game and the sequels, and it will have a movie franchise starting from now. The first time we’ve heard about Resident Evil, the TV show was in January 2019, and now we have the official details about it.

Resident Evil Is Getting a TV Show on Netflix

Netflix is working hard for more and more original shows, so now the streaming video platform will give us the Resident Evil series. The pre-production will begin in April 2020, and the show will shoot between June and October 2020. The setup for the show, the location is in South Africa, and the production is in the hands of Constantin Germany. Also, Netflix may release a trailer for Resident Evil at the ending of this year, while the show will premiere in early 2021.

Besides this, the plot of the TV show will be about the town of Clearfield, MD, which is in the shadows of three monstrous creatures, such as the Umbrella Corporation, the Washington D.C, and the Greenwood Asylum. The three titans will face an outbreak after twenty-six years of the T-virus, and a lot of secrets will show up. Netflix posted a description of the Resident Evil series, but you can’t find it anymore.

More About The Upcoming Resident Evil TV Series

However, the idea is that the TV series will be a prequel to the events before. Like in the media franchise of the games, the Resident Evil Universe is connected so that it will be in the show. Unfortunately, we don’t have official information about the cast, only speculation of the fans. Take note that Resident Evil TV series will be a live-action production with real actors.

In a word, even if we have reported about anime shows for Resident Evil games, Netflix is coming with something else. Are you excited, because we are! For sure, Netflix will come with an exciting Resident Evil series.