Resident Evil 8 — Details, Features, Story, And More

resident evil 8

Our favorite horror video game is none other than the Resident Evil series. The upcoming version of the game, the Resident Evil 8 is expected to arrive on the market next year. The Capcom developers are going to make the game even more terrifying than just a simple massacre story.

The upcoming version of the Resident Evil series is going to feature a more psychological plot that will mess up with the mind of the player. Resident Evil 8 will be available on the current console models as well as on the next-gen ones. Do you know about the RE7 family Baker? Resident Evil 8 is going to be on another level of horror.

Resident Evil 8’s new focus

The core story of the Resident Evil series is the zombie apocalypse. However, the next Resident Evil game will focus on different kinds of monsters. Zombies will still be part of the game, but the story will also include some of the folklore monsters, such as werewolves, for example.

The sources of this information are saying that this new approach is going to make the game even scarier than it already is. What kind of popular creators is going to be part of the Resident Evil 8 video game?

Taking control of Ethan Winters hits you with the first-person experience that forces you to survive under psychological stress. According to the previous information, the upcoming game will also feature ghosts. Looking at all the info, we have got so far; the Resident Evil 8 game could resemble more the sacrifice of Senua than RE7.

However, only time will tell which part of the rumors on Resident Evil 8 are true. The source of this great insight is DuskGolem, who has shared his knowledge on Twitter. This guy has previously shared content that turned out to be true; therefore, we consider this source reliable enough.