Researchers Found Strong Proof of Alien Life on Mars

As much as we wanted to find something about aliens from Mars, well, we might get a hint thanks to the recent research. A team of researchers realized an analysis of 3.5 billion-years-old soil samples from the Red Planet. The particles have chemical compounds dubbed “thiophenes” that could, possibly, be organic. If they turn to be, it would be most likely that bacteria once existed on the planet.

Terrestrial thiophenes are recognized as tell-tale hints of life by Earthbound biologists. The existence of those chemical compounds in the martian soils means that we got the most reliable proof so far that life on Mars might once have existed. The presence of thiophenes might be possible due to meteor impacts on the Red Planet’s ground, according to a leading theory.

“Meteor impacts provide one possible abiotic explanation. Thiophenes can also be created through thermochemical sulfate reduction, a process that involves a set of compounds being heated to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) or more,” reads the official statement from the Washington State University.

Hard Proof of Alien Life Discovered on Mars

A Mars rover can’t determine the origin of the thiophenes. The space agencies need to send astronauts on the Mars’ ground to figure out the source of the chemical compounds ultimately. Until such a mission, however, the team wants to lead further research and, maybe, obtain some more test information from the rover itself.

They aren’t declaring the quest for extraterrestrial life done yet. While the presence of those chemical compounds in the Red Planet’s soil is impressive, it’s not the full confirmation researchers are looking for. It might take a while more before they can state for sure whether or not the bacterial was ever-present on Mars.

But, if it will turn out to be true that the thiophenes are organic, then what scientists will do? Almost three million years ago, there were present at least four hominid species wandering our planet. If the Red world had living bacteria at the time, it would mean that the evolution would have conducted to more advanced life forms.