Researchers Find the Place on Earth Where Stars Are Clearer than Anywhere Else

Away from the glare of civilization’s blinding lights, an unrestricted perspective on the night sky causes you to feel like you’re remaining on the shores of forever and you are staring into nothingness. In any case, there is one spot on Earth where the sights stretch only that tad farther than anyplace else.

New Record

Specialists have estimated the clearness of the stars at a significant examination station in Antarctica, discovering it surpasses current best positions for space science. The outcome probably won’t be astounding, however, for a large portion of us, it is enough to marvel at it for a few good minutes.

Weather at Vault A

Vault A is the most elevated ice arch on Antarctica’s Polar Plateau. Rising multiple kilometers (in excess of 13,000 feet) from ocean level and sitting around 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) from the sea in the coldest landmass’, the weather will undoubtedly get nippy. Truth be told, temperatures can sink as low as – 90 Celsius (- 130 Fahrenheit). On the off chance that that doesn’t put you off, however, the prizes may very well merit your exertion.


This solidified pinnacle gives a cosmic viewpoint like no other, with a view generally unsullied by the stains of light contamination, impedance from various passing satellites, or even the intermittent passing clouds. All in all, it is as clear as it possibly gets.

Simply the Best

A telescope situated at Dome A could out-play out a comparable telescope situated at some other cosmic site on the planet, according to Paul Hickson, a cosmologist from the University of British Columbia, also abbreviated as UBC. The blend of high elevation, low temperature, extensive stretches of consistent haziness, and an astoundingly steady environment, makes Dome an extremely appealing area for optical and infrared stargazing. A telescope situated there would have clearer pictures and could recognize fainter objects.