Red Dead Online Rewards and Discounts – All The Details You Need To Know

red dead online

Rockstar Games has just made an amazing announcement that got all Red Dead Online fans excited. According to their recent tweet, the company will bring additional features and deals into the multiplayer action-adventure game.

Rockstar Games are taking their next move very seriously and promises Daily Login rewards to discount on apparels, plus many other new features. In this article, we are going to discuss all new stuff that will be included in the game, so take a sit and continue reading below to find out more.

Red Dead Online Rewards and Discounts

Free Roam Events

This week means a lot to the Red Dead Online players. This week the players can enjoy lots of offers available in the game. Same as the previous event, the Free Roam event gives all players a 50% bonus on XP, RDOS, and Gold.

You can get a 50% discount on any coat if you complete a free roam event. However, you can only acquire a coat that has a rank gate below 15. The event is available until April 20, 2020, aka until tomorrow.

Ability Cards

If you are a Red Dead Online and log in to your account this weekend, you can get a free Ability Card as a reward. This free gift is available between April 17 and 20 only. This gift can help you augment your skills. However, you will be able to use these rewards only after 48 hours. You will find them in the ‘Benefits’ section. Play Red Dead Online and get rewards after 48 hours.


Rockstar Games has lots of offers on the clothing items. However, Wheeler, and Rawson & Co. The catalog offers have a time limit. Various offers on clothing items will be available until April 27, 2020. Depending on what you want the game world to see you, you can pick an outfit that can help you stay off the track or an outfit that will put you out there for people to notice. You can choose from Plaid Hat, Cardozo Vest to Pelt Half Chaps, and many more.


Weapons got a discount as well. You have discounts on shotguns, melee and many other weapons. All weapons can be acquired at a lower price. You get a 30% off on all Shotguns, Bandoliers, and Multi Breed Horses. All Melee weapons have a 50% off discount. This is the perfect time to acquire your most desired weapon. Rockstar Games also offer a 70% discount on all emotes and 80% off on all Ability cards in Red Dead Online. What better time to achieve what you always wanted if not now?