Red Dead Online Hacker Targets Streamers

The release of the Naturalist update attracted a significant amount of players to Red Dead Online, but while some are able to enjoy an immersive experience, others run into hackers that do everything to turn them away from the game.

According to a popular video games news outlet, several popular Red Dead Online streamers have been targeted by a hacker who tried to ruin their reputation and turn the other players against them by using hacks, and some of the other players began to blame the streamers for what happened.

Messing with players

One of the streamers mentioned that he was exploring the new content with his community when he and other members were teleported from a free lobby event to a lobby owned by the hacker without. The other players were spawned above the streamer, and everybody was killed by an explosion.

The streamer manages to leave the lobby and regroup with his friends only to be run into the hacker again in a different lobby. He was surprised when he realized that the hacker had spoofed his name and looks and tried to convince other players that they were killed by him.

Changing targets

When the streamer mentioned above started the game on a PS4 to dodge the hacker, the latter moved to a new target. Once the other streamer switch to a PS4 too, the modder tried to bring their stream down by blocking their connection.

According to one of the streamers, the feats enjoyed by the hacker are available for anyone who wishes to pay for a popular mode menu. The menu gives access to a variety of features, including the ability to find the IP, ISP, and other personal data that can be used for exploits and griefing.

The two streamers have faced relentless attacks for several days, and have requested help from Rockstar.