“Real Excalibur” Found In Bosnia, And It Is A 700-Year-Old Sword Stuck In A Stone

The Legend of King Arthur was the first to talk about a sword trapped in a rock, which possessed magical powers. Now, let’s get back to real life. Recently, the “real Excalibur” was found in Bosnia, in a lake. It is a 700-year-old sword stuck in a stone, precisely like in the legend.

The researchers found the sword in the Bosnian Vrbas River. It was about 36 feet underwater, stuck in a stone, and its discovery was fortunate since the scientists were excavating a nearby medieval castle. Ivana Pandzic from the Museum of the Republika Srpska stated for The Sun that the sword was stuck “in solid rock, so special care was needed when pulling it out.”

“Our sword in the stone, taken out of Vrbas after who knows how many centuries,” said Igor Radojicic, the mayor of Banja Luja, the second-largest city in Bosnia and the nearest one to the Vrbas River.

The 700-year-old “real Excalibur” discovered in Bosnia is not the only medieval sword found recently

“The Banja Luka stone sword. Eight centuries old, perhaps, taken from the Vrbas, who knows what stories he’s hiding,” added Igor Radojicic. While the “real Excalibur” as this 700-year-old sword stuck in stone has been nicknamed is impressive and closest to the Legend of King Arthur, many other medieval swords have been spotted recently.

In the UK, in 2017, right near the lake in King Arthur’s legend, the so-called Dozmary Pool, a girl spotted a shiny, 4-ft long sword while she was swimming. She thought that the sword was a movie prop, as FOX reported.

Also, in 2017, a Viking sword was found in Southern Norway. Even more, this year, in Aalborg, Denmark, workers digging on a canal unearthed a 14th-century sword that was unbelievably well-preserved for its age. Now, Bosnian discovered another sword, and the scientists now struggle to find out how it got stuck in a stone.