PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Is LIVE: Available with Good News

The next PUBG Mobile update was released, and Tencent confirmed its plans for the rollout of Season 12 by the end of this week.

The Good News

Thankfully, server downtime won’t be needed.

Also, the Season 12 Royale Pass will be launching next week on March 9, 2020. The pass will be reportedly called 2gether We Play, and it will mark the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile.

Tencent’s message

The official message from Tencent reads:

“PUBG MOBILE will release an update starting on March 3; there will be no downtime. This update requires approximately a total of 1.69 GB of storage space on Android, and 1.95 GB of storage space on iOS. Players on different versions are unable to invite one another, so update as soon as possible.”

What’s New?

The new update will introduce the Hardcore Mode, which will also be joined with the latest death replay feature, that was already available on the PC version of PUBG.

Death Replays can be used in the last few seconds before the character’s untimely downfall. That is a feature that was sought by users for months.

The new update will introduce a reworked Erangel, which will see some notable changes, as it was under development for Android and iOS for quite some time.

Project Ban Pan

Tencent made it clear that they will be introducing its newest anti-cheat initiative, the Project Ban Pan, as it was called. It will provide additional help in combatting cheats.