PUBG Mobile — Short Guide Of The Top Assault Rifles With Least Recoil

A variation of weapons a there to select from in the well-known Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. The game is a survival one, and the players require to pick the guns smartly to fight the enemies and receive a Chicken Dinner. Assault Rifles are always the first choice in PUBG Mobile.

They are instrumental, not only in the short-rate attacks but also in mid-rated cases. Players are allowed to possess a maximum of two assault rifles, so to choose one is essential. A lot of determinants such as damage or recoil should be considerate while picking a gun that will offer the maximum advantage to the fighter in a battle against the bad ones.

Short Guide Of The Top Assault Rifles With Least Recoil in PUBG Mobile


AKM has high recoil and runs on 7.7mm bullets. It also has the most robust recoil among all the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It provides one of the most considerable damages, and if you attach a compensator, it will decrease its recoil significantly.


Groza comes with a medium-high recoil. The weapon can be encountered only in the airdrops and works with 7.7mm bullets. Groza is also one of the most significant threats out there, dubbed the most powerful one, too. You can attach any compensator, as well, to decrease the recoil. It will take a little bit longer to reload, but it still does its job.


SCAR-L has a low-medium recoil and works with 5.5 mm bullets. The weapon is considered one of the most precise assault riffles, both in a long and close range. Scar-L can be packed with four attachments, too, and it will decrease the recoil, enhancing the accuracy even more.


M416 has a low-medium recoil and is considered one of the most useful assault rifles out there. The weapon can be found on the map, and it can be packed with as many attachments as you want in PUBG Mobile.