PUBG Mobile Season 13 Will Bring New Vehicle Skins

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Fortnite and Apex Legends may have stolen the limelight from PUBG. Still, the PUBG Mobile version of the title remains a massive hit among gamers on Android and iOS, attracting more than 100 million active users each month.

The release of several season updates has played an essential role in the success of the title, bringing fresh cosmetics, new items, and exciting game modes that keep players engaged.

Season 12 will end on May 12, but the developers have already showcased some of the content that will be introduced via the Season 13 update in PUBG Mobile, which should be released one day later.

Those who have the beta branch version of the app on their devices have received access to the beta version of the update, and a wealth of leaks have been shared.

More about the PUBG Mobile Season 13

The update will introduce a selection of new skins, and some leakers have shared a few images. The M4, AUG, and MK14 will receive a new skin each, with the former and later getting a colorful one while the AUG one appears to be more conservative.

Many players will enjoy the opportunity to personalize their occasional rides with the help of a fresh batch of vehicle skins. It appears that each vehicle present in the game will receive at least two skins, with the Dacia getting a shiny golden skin with stylish purple elements on the sides.

The ranked arena mode will return to the game with all the maps that were featured in the past and a separate progression system that will grant access to exclusive rewards.

It is also thought that a summer mode will be introduced in PUBG Mobile, bringing changes to existing maps and refreshing the gameplay experiences, with the main highlight being a revamped version of Vikendi. Despite the exiting leaks and rumors, it is essential to mention the fact that some features may not present in the final version of the game.