PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS: Here’s How to Install the Game on Apple Devices

Apple’s latest iPhones and iPads will come with some of the best hardware parts, which are available on the market. But there is one teeny-tiny problem: iOS devices do not have access to the same games as Android devices do. A great example of this is PUBG MOBILE Lite.

The standard version of PUBG MOBILE is available on the App Store, but the developers did not introduce the Lite version just yet. The reason behind this is that both iPhone and iPads can run the standard PUBG MOBILE, and they do not require to get access to a version of the game that comes with lower graphic settings. But iOS fans might still want to play PUBG MOBILE Lite, together with their friends, so we are here to help you on that matter.

How to install PUBG Lite on your iPhone or iPad

There is a way to install the game on iPads and iPhones, and you will be able to play PUBG MOBILE Lite and many other Android exclusive games together with your friends. It is free, and it would not take you a lot of time, either.

First of all, you will need to install an Android Emulator, then open the Google Play Store. After, search for “PUBG Mobile Lite,” and download the game. The game should work just fine.

If you are not sure which Android emulator you should use, then we have a recommendation:  the BlueStacks Android emulator. It is free, and it works just fine. By installing it, you get terrific Android exclusive games, which you can play together with your family and friends, without having this problem anymore.